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On the 12th of April every year the Russian people celebrate Cosmonautics Day in commemoration
of the first space flight in the world which was made by a Russian citizen Yuri Gagarin.
He went into space and made one orbit around the Earth in his spaceship Vostok-1.

The list of special event station
 UE57G  *  UE12APR  *  R12APR  *  R108M  *

In celebration of this event The ASG club will hold its activity days.
The radio stations UE12APR, R12APR (Russia 12 April), R108M (meaning 108 minutes flight duration)
and UE57G (57 years of first space flight) will be active on the air
from 1st till 15 April, 2018.

To search in our QSO database without registration enter your callsign
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To get our e-diploma you have to make at least 3 different QSO's with R12APR, UE12APR, UE57G or R108M

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